Tuesday, November 27, 2012

moving on

Some of you have asked about what we're up to with all this talk of packing and apartment hunting...
Well, we're moving to the Bay Area...that's right...California.
I've been working from a distance for lark since May, and now that Robert's graduating (yay!), it's time to make the move. We're going to be living in the San Mateo area (which is between San Francisco proper and Cupertino).
We're excited and nervous...and I may post more here...but I've been blogging a little more over at my fancy lifestyle blog: mudpiemagnolia
I've included a list of FAQ on the move:

When are you moving? At the end of December. My sweet in-laws are going to help with final packing.

What's Robert going to do? Robert will be eating bonbons and watching Duck Dynasty...or helping with a start-up missional coffee shop (more details to come once it's launched - but it's awesome) 

Is it more expensive to live in SF? Um, absolutely. It is ridiculous. But there's really cool stuff to do and eat.

Will you stop and visit me on your cross-country move? Sounds great. Tell us where you are and what's for dinner.

Will you miss St. Louis? STL has definitely grown on us, and we're going to miss a lot of things about it...especially our friends :(

Can I visit? PLEASE! We love visitors! Rufus will share his bed with you.

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