Tuesday, December 29, 2009

things we have done in 2009

I made a list like this once on a birthday - I think 22, and it made me feel very accomplished and exciting...of course that year included my first job out of college, getting engaged and moving to nashville. This one might not live up to that, but I think it's still going to be pretty cool.

we joined South City Church (where Robert will do his intenship in 2011)
made the longest ever roadtrip to Texas with Rufus, who did quite well
the Taskers paid us a visit, which I think was the beginning of starting to like St. Louis
year one of seminary finished!
Robert got a new job at Schlafly and quit Starbucks
more Nashville friends, Chris, Dustin, Ben & Erin, moved here, making us SO happy
I nannied for the summer and fall, quit Alpine shop, and got a full-time position at the fruitstand
our third anniversary!
Robert had a reunion with all his BFFs from college and got to meet this little muffin
(along those lines, about a million friends had babies)
I have learned to like cooking (miraculous, really)
moved to a new house that gave Rufus a playmate and gave us some amazing neighbors
weddings for Kristin & John, Brooke & Brad, Chris & Lindsey, Kristin & James, Simon & Katie
went on my first real life business trip
saw U2 FINALLY! (as well as new york friends)
had a sweet (though brief) Christmas with Robert's family + the Taskers in Nashville, and then a fun surprise to see the Shays the next day back in STL.

we are so grateful for this year - it's definitely been hard at points, but as far as being able to see God growing us closer together, closer to our comunity, and closer to Him - it's been wonderful.
we already have new adventures planned for 2010 - and I will try to get back to my blogging ways so that I can let you know about them.