Sunday, March 14, 2010

here we go!

We have exciting adventures ahead. On Thursday, we drive to Chicago - we get to stay with Will and Mandii, and I get to meet Ashyface! On Friday, we fly to Florence to see Mark and Connie and Ross and Lindsay and Colton...that's Florence, Italy, by the way - I'm SO excited to hang out with the fam (especially the little nephew), and getting to do that in Florence....that's alright too.

Another big change is a new program at work that I'm very excited about. I will be traveling to California straight from getting into the US, and getting a week of training, after which I'll be traveling around a bit - up to 1-2 weeks/month. It's all very secretive, but that makes me feel like ALIAS. Poor Robert and Rufus will have to be alone a bit more than now. A side benefit to this position is being able to not have to do as much freelance video work...I can take projects more as I want them, and not feel like I always have work to do even when I'm not at work.

Also, Robert's almost a server at Schlafly - he's nearly done with his training. He was able to not work his Sunday shift anymore, which is awesome because we'll actually get to have a day together. He got me "How to cook everything vegetarian", and I'm beginning to list cooking as an interest on surveys now. This is a new life-chapter for me. In fact, I just made hot chocolate from scratch because I'm a hoss like that.