Monday, April 13, 2009

hop around

This was quite the week....we had our friend Brooke Waggoner visit us with her band because she was playing a show here. Robert actually got to see them, I got off work too late (boo). We had Rufus' first training lesson with the amazing Hillary. He's almost angelic now. We considered getting another puppy, and had to pass on it because of time and money, which was sad (I was crying during church, which Robert said was good because it made me look legit). I have been working on several photo sideshows for rehearsal dinners. We both have been talking about job transitions and will be feeling out what that would look like over the next few weeks, so we'd appreciate your prayers on those things. We went to a very yummy Easter lunch with Josh and Caylee. Whew, it was busy.
Robert gets off Starbucks in about an hour, so we finally get to go to the Y together. I'm not going to be taking him to my step and sculpt class yet because I don't think he's ready for it. That, and I look awkward dancing around on a step like it's the early 90s.
We're going to Nashville in 2 weeks for Anna-Ruth's wedding, and are definitely looking forward to it. And, since we'll be missing the Taskers yet againin Nashville, they have decided to drop by St. Louis en route to tour dates. We are SO stoked to see them, because last time we saw them was right before we drove off in our moving truck.

I'm off to scan more pictures, but here's Rufus (in the front) and Belle (my parents' dog) from when we were in Texas - exhausted from running around all day. They're pretty cute.