Monday, March 30, 2009

we went to texas: a pictoral adventure

Although you can't tell from my face in this picture Robert snapped, I was really stoked to be in Texas.

Danica came with us to Amy's Ice Cream, and we hung out with the cows for a while. This poor guy had lost his ear since the last time I saw him.

Robert had not eaten it off, though that's what he'd like you to think.

We got cupcakes from "Hey Cupcake" on South Congress. This is Kara, who is now as tall as me even though she's 11 years younger.

Rufus knows how to swim now! He was a little nervous because he couldn't remember swimming with Aunt Grace when he was a baby, but once he got in there, he loved it.

I also got to see my friends Ashley and Bekah - BFFs since 10th grade.

I sort of stopped taking pictures halfway through the trip, but it also included seeing Lynn, Shelley, Christa and little Sada, Emily, Ceci and Tim, my family and Robert's family.

I'm also very proud of how well we did on gas money - we had allotted just the right amount (thank you eBay sales), and then ended up with some extra (thanks families!) and were able to put that towards our meals on the road.

We also had some money saved to do a little outlet shopping, and we both came away with some fabulous deals - for example...$300 jeans for $5. Yeah, we're amazing bargain hunters.

It was so nice to see our families and be in Texas. Also, on a side note, Mary Beth and I bought U2 tickets today. We will be seeing them in NYC in September. I decided this was the year - that even though it would cost a little bit to go see them, I would get to see MB and U2, and would just save up and enjoy it. So anyway, we have tickets to a sold out show. It's going to be crazy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

off to texas!

Well look at that - a month since my last post. Sorry, faithful readers.
I've been editing a lot and working - you know how it goes. However, the editing is slowing down for the moment, which is nice as far as having a break, but we will be missing the income. Boo. I'm currently looking for jobs, as I have been since we moved to STL. I might keep one of the three current jobs as a part time gig even if I find something else, but I've been praying hard about what God might be calling me to do. I hope it's not standing at a cash register - I've learned a lot of patience by doing that, but I don't want to do that long term.
I have met some super interesting people in the training that I do at the job I'm prohibited from mentioning explicitly on the web. Take a guess. Anyway, just in the past week, I met the first woman to dead lift 3 times her body weight - she holds all the weightlifting records. I also met someone who was involved in the Apollo 13 and Gemini missions as support staff. Then I helped another man who is in charge of much of the liturgical institute for the Catholic church. Some of these people are so super interesting, and I wish I could ask them all to a dinner party.
We're heading to Texas on Saturday - and taking Rufus with us. We're looking forward to seeing my family, and to seeing Mark and Connie's new place in Houston. We're obviously hitting up Amy's ice cream as much as our gift cards allow. Rufus has never made more than a 5 hour drive, so we're hoping he behaves himself. When we get back in town, he's getting personal training sessions - I guess it's his early birthday present. We hope it improves the inside (and outside, for that matter) rowdiness a little.
Yee-haw, see you when we return from Austin/Houston.