Saturday, August 29, 2009

house tour

We finally got the house in fairly good shape. Most of our boxes have gotten unpacked, and there's only a few random boxes and things we had to stash in the closet/basement before we had our first little get-together over at the new place. I can't express enough how happy we are to have such fun landlords and such a wonderful place to live. Here goes the long-awaited (at least by our parents) house tour:

Front Door...yes, I did in fact letterpress that little nameplate for us - though I almost ruined the press in the process.

Entryway...our landlord, Mike, laid all that slate the week before we moved in.

This is Rufus' room - it's a little closet-room underneath the stairs where he sleeps at night and stays when we're gone. (Think Harry Potter at the Dursleys' house)

Bathroom with awesome blue tile

Living room, it's all one color (grey), even though it looks different with lighting.

Office/Dining Room/Middle Room-still kind of a work in progress

Kitchen - as suggested by Katie Rhea, we are calling this color "Love, Love" due to its tennis ball hue.


Rufus with his new friend and roommate, Rogue, who shares a backyard, hallway, and sometimes the house with us.