Tuesday, September 29, 2009

we took a trip

It had been fated since I met Mary Beth in RUF/Chemistry & Society that we would go see U2 together someday, so we did. We had been planning this trip since this past winter, so it was awesome to finally go. And Robert and I have spent a collective total of 2 minutes together this whole summer and fall, so he came along for NY, but not for U2. We had loads of fun and together time, and got to meet up with Steven and Hannah (our gracious hosts) and Sharee and Syndi and Jamison and Kat. It was so much fun, and only made us want to live there more! Here's some photo highlights:Right before U2 came out - Giant stadium was crazy looking!
Pausing in Central Park...
We went to Brooklyn Brewery, and Robert was a happy hippo.
This is halfway through a guava booty bun. So good. I miss these delicious treats already!