Sunday, September 19, 2010

you want to know what happened in August?

Robert and I went to our second Cardinals game - they got creamed by the Astros...

I went to Pittsburgh for a week with work - got to see several people I hadn't seen since March, and disco bowl to end the week right.

Jessica, Sara, Beth, and I went camping which involved lots of creek-lounging, eating good food, and having multiple small-town MO boys try to figure out why the car was overheating.

Then I went to Palm Desert, CA for work...and my first stop was In N Out...don't worry, they had a veggie options - grilled cheese, animal style.

This was where I stayed...gorgeous, and 115 degrees.

Robert got to come out and visit for a few days, and we went to San Diego with new Italian friends - promptly smitten with SD and its balmy, perfect weather.

Back to Missoui, via Austin, where I finally met baby Sophia, to whom I am an honorary auntie...she is absolutely perfect.

And got to hang out with all my siblings minus Dan - requisite trip to Amy's with Kara and Josh...

And bought my first Fiestaware pieces last week, and been coveting the large display of it in Macy's over my lunch breaks.