Sunday, July 12, 2009

we went camping!

Here's why I haven't been blogging: 3, (now actually 3 + 1 consulting) jobs + husband with 2 jobs + trying to pack for our apartment move + housesitting/dogsitting/babysitting for 3 different people....whew! We are tired. Robert's been a champ, working really hard at both jobs until he goes back to school.

Since things have been so crazy, we decided to take one night and go camping this past week.
Rufus enjoying the creek with RobertAt the top of the mountain for the first time

I took my first iPhone's us on the way up the mountain the first time.

You might have noticed I said "first" which is funny, because most people climb up a mountain, then climb back down. Well, somewhere along our hike, we must have taken a wrong turn and ended up hiking the whole 10 mile trail, which took us up the mountain twice. That would have been fine, except, thinking we'd be gone for an hour instead of 5, we only took one bottle of water for us and Rufus. We were so tired, hot, and thirsty by the time we found our way back. Next time, we'll learn some lessons like look at the map before hiking, get to the campsite before dark, and bring firewood.

The upside to this was that our tent and gear were awesome, and we'll probably head back this fall now that we know a little more about what we're doing.

And big, fun goal reached in our big debt payoff. We now have no car debt! We got the official letter from the credit union yesterday along with the title in our name. So exciting, and very encouraging on our journey to get rid of all our debt ASAP!

I'll put up pics of the new place when we get moved in and painted, but it probably won't be for a couple weeks til we're settled!