Tuesday, February 1, 2011

it's a snow day...let's go back in time

I went through a bunch of old papers and things from growing up, and it was pretty awesome:

First up, a page from my detective cases - I had a notebook that had "PRIVATE!" written across it and really wanted to be Harriet the Spy for a bit...I like that serious case #1 is a beer party...very serious. I think it was because I found some bottles thrown in our backyard.

I seemed to think of myself as quite the angel as demonstrated in the next two drawings:

This was my ideal resolution to an argument Daniel and I were having...on the previous page I had drawn all my problems from the day, and on this page I drew resolutions to them. Resolution to argument...Daniel realizing the error of his ways.

List-making from the beginning...I was cool, I liked to latch-hook.

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  1. You are SO emo in the first "angel" self-portrait. ;)